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Are you looking for a street paving installation company that can deliver? When it comes to high-quality street paving services, we are the best name in the market.

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We have a strong reputation in the market and are proud of our more than 20 years of experience. When it comes to quality work, attentive customer service, and honest price labelling, Driveway Paving In Rochester sets the bar high.

Residents and companies in Rochester are always on the lookout for a dependable street pavement installation firm. We are a corporation that is licenced and employs qualified personnel. From fixing potholes to sealcoating and reconstructing broken streets, asphalt is responsible for all aspects of pavement maintenance.

We are a locally owned and operated family business with a proven track record and many repeat customers who come to us for all of their pavement needs. If you require a reference before hiring us, we would gladly put you in touch with one of our prior clients.

We take on projects of all kinds, from laying pavement for schools to constructing homes, and we treat each one with the same respect. We have all of the required tools and equipment to provide excellent service in a timely and effective manner.

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If you require immediate pavement installation, we can assist you with our high-quality, long-lasting pavement services. To discuss your parking lot or driveway paving needs and receive a free estimate, contact one of our experts today!

How We install Street Pavement

Existing pavement will be removed. – When it comes to restoring the pavement, the first step is to remove it. The layer of pavement is removed in this procedure, and we handle the debris.

Getting the ground ready for water drainage – Water is a primary cause of damage to street pavement, including potholes and cracks. Our team of professionals understands how to construct the correct bottom surface so that water drains away from the pavement and the surface remains dry. Another aspect of the process is the installation of drainage pipes beneath the asphalt surface.

The Sub Base’s Preparation – The sub base is the foundation on which the asphalt is built. The sub-base provides a solid foundation for fresh paving.

Compacting the sub-base – The sub base must be adequately compacted in order for the new asphalt to be supported. An uneven sub foundation can quickly harm the asphalt surface. To conduct the job, we have a variety of tools.

Putting the binder together – The next step is to pour the binder when the compacting has been completed. The binder is a sticky black material that ties the gravel to the ground and keeps it together

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Putting down the asphalt layer – The next stage is to mix the gravel with the binding agent and make asphalt mix once the binding agent has been placed on the surface. The asphalt mixture is then uniformly placed on the surface. The surface is smoothed and compacted with rollers to make it clean.

Assembling the joints  – This step is completed when the old and new pavements must be connected. An asphalt overlay and a smooth transition connect the two surfaces. We smooth the surface with a seal coating when the entire procedure is completed, making it all bright and good and ready to use.

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We are Rochester’s trustworthy driveway pavers. We have been paving driveways, streets, sport courts and more for commercial and residential properties.

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